As a candidate for Mayor of Ashland, Loren Plank’s dedication to the community extends beyond mere words; it represents a commitment to action, to spearheading initiatives that truly make a difference in the everyday lives of residents. Plank envisions an Ashland where safety, vitality, and livability are not just aspirations but realities for every citizen. To achieve this, he has laid out several key commitments that will guide his tenure as mayor.

Enhancing School Safety and Student Well-being

I pledge to collaborate with the Chief of Police, the City Administrator, and the administration of Southern Boone County Schools to introduce a full-time School Resource Officer. This initiative aims to ensure a safe and supportive educational environment for our students.

Safeguarding Our Community's Values

I am committed to working with the City Attorney and the City Administrator to reassess Ashland’s city code, particularly chapter 23 concerning adult entertainment. Our goal is to implement measures that protect our children and uphold the community's values, ensuring a family-friendly environment throughout Ashland.

Revitalizing Community Recreation

In partnership with the City Administrator, the YMCA, the Optimist Club, and the Southern Boone County Chamber of Commerce, I will engage a reputable aquatic center design/build firm to explore opportunities for modernizing our existing swimming facilities. This effort seeks to enrich the recreational options available to our residents, promoting health and well-being for all ages.

Prioritizing Infrastructure Development

Recognizing the critical importance of robust infrastructure, my plan includes: • Implementing Impact Fees for new home developments to support city growth sustainably. • Accelerating the creation of a New Land Use Development Code, laying the groundwork for responsible urban planning and development. • Hastening the formulation of a comprehensive Streets and Transportation Plan, enhancing connectivity and mobility across Ashland.

Promoting Water Conservation and Efficiency

I propose introducing a cost-effective option for homeowners to install a secondary water meter for irrigation systems, facilitating better water management and cost savings for our residents.

Boosting Local Economy and Tourism

I will champion the development of a new hotel or motel in Ashland, aiming to enhance our city's hospitality offerings and attract more visitors and business activities to our area.